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State Proposal 4: In-Home Care Workers

In November, Michigan voters will have to decide whether home care workers should get collective bar...[More]

State Proposal 3: Renewable Energy

Meridian Magazine is your source for all you need to know about proposal three....[More]

State Proposal 6: Bridges and Tunnels

On the 2012 Election ballot, Proposal 6 will be featured for voters to make a decision regarding the...[More]

State Proposal 2: Collective Bargaining

In November, Michigan voters will have an opportunity to choose either yes or no on Proposal 2....[More]

State Proposal 1: Emergency Manager

Learn the complete ballot language for the Emergency Manager Law Proposal before you see it in the p...[More]

Fire Station Replacement Proposal on Ballot

After much debate, discussion and deliberation, come this November voters in Meridian Township will ...[More]

Ballot Meridian Township Proposals

Check out what the current proposals Meridian Township residents will be able to vote for come elect...[More]

Tuition Proposal

Should students receive paid tuition just for attending Michigan K-12 schools? Learn more and decide...[More]

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