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Budget Proposal Would Cut Revenue Sharing For 100 State Townships

Governor Rick Snyder released a $54.9 billion budget proposal last month for the fiscal year set to ...[More]

"Doggie Playground" Proposal Moves Forward

At the Park Commission meeting held on Tuesday, February 9th the commission excitedly discussed a pr...[More]

Gov. Rick Snyder Signs State Road Funding Proposal

On November 10th Governor Rick Snyder signed a roll bill to increase taxes in 2017 which means tax h...[More]

Youth Minimum Wage Bill Proposal in Michigan

The Michigan Minimum Wage Bill has always had limitations for young adults under age 18. Recently, S...[More]

Michigan Voters Didn't Like Proposal 1, What's Next For Road Funding?

Michigan residents took to the polls yesterday and one controversial item that was on the ballot was...[More]

Why Some Oppose Proposal 1

Last week HOMTV brought you the first part of a three part series on Michigan's Proposal 1. This wee...[More]

Supporting Michigan's Proposal 1

In just 12 days, the future of Michigan roads, bridges, and finances will lie in the hands of Michig...[More]

What is Proposal 1?

They say April showers bring May flowers, but what about May ballots bringing Michigan better roads?...[More]

The Road Funding Ballot Proposal Would Increase Michigan's Sales Tax to 7%

The Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department Bill Conklin delivered a presentation on ...[More]

Road Funding Proposal Faces Possible Uphill Battle

On Tuesday, January 20th, Governor Rick Snyder encouraged citizens in his State of the State Address...[More]

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