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Meridian Township Adult Summer Sports League

If you're looking for something fun to do this summer check out the Meridian Township Adult Sports L...[More]

HOMTV's All Access Sports

Love Sports? Watch HOMTV to see the new All Access Sports promo....[More]

Register for Township Sports

Register your self or your child for Meridian Township Sports!...[More]

Michigan Hockey Day on All Access Sports

Feb 16 is hockey Day in Michigan. ...[More]

Parks & Recreation Sports Scholarships

The Meridian Township Parks Department is developing a program to allow more kids to participate in ...[More]

Family Winter Sports Weekend

This weekend was Meridian Township's 12th annual Winter Sports Weekend. Look for coverage on Meridia...[More]

Where To Get Passports?

The Ingham County Parks Department has received its designation as a passport acceptance facility an...[More]

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