Family Winter Sports Weekend

Family Winter Sports Weekend

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township's Parks and Recreation Department has been hosting a Winter Family Sports Weekend for 12 years now. Their most recent string of winter events included swimming, skating, bowling, a 5K run (or walk), and notably, a Saturday winter wonderland event at the Harris Nature Center.

"It’s an event that we host every year, free. Everything you come out here and do is free; the only thing missing this year is the snow, so we can’t ski and snow shoe," said Park naturalist Katie Adams.

Unfortunately, Adams was right and there was not enough snow to make even the smallest snow angel, but that didn't stop the event's hosts from creating an ice bear sculpture, and bringing out a pack of sled dogs for visitors to enjoy.

The temperature stayed right around 35 degrees for the event, which was just low enough for the pack of Samoyed sled dogs to enjoy pulling a sled. Any higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the dogs may have been too hot.

The pack of about 12 sled dogs was easily the highlight of the evening for many children at the event.

Visitor's smiles put even greater smiles on the Harris nature Center staff, because they were able to encourage people to "get outside," as Adams put it.

"The sun’s coming out, the wind is stopping, and it’s just a beautiful day to be outside," she said.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This weekend was Meridian Township's 12th annual Winter Sports Weekend. Look for coverage on Meridian Magazine!

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