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400 People Received Free Health Checks at CATA's Health Fair

CATA held its sixteenth annual Health Fair on Friday, April 10th. The event attracted more than 4...[More]

CATA Receives A Warm Recognition

Along with trying to get a fire under control, firefighters also have to endure freezing temperature...[More]

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) Awarded with Grand Prize

The Capital Area Transportation Authority, also known as CATA, was awarded a grand prize in the annu...[More]

CATA Millage Renewal On August 5th Ballot

Residents will soon be heading to the polls and one proposal they will find is the Capital Area Tran...[More]

Bus Riders Speak Up at the CATA BRT Meetings

Residents of Meridian Township voiced their opinions about the future of the bus rapid transit along...[More]

CATA Requesting Federal Grants

On Tuesday April 1st, the Township Board voted to write letters to support the Capital Area Transpor...[More]

CATA's New Plan to Revolutionize Bus Transit

CATA has started an open dialogue with the public about Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT. BRT is a new syst...[More]

CATA Bus Crash Sends 3 To Hospital

Three people were sent to a hospital after a car collided with a CATA bus on Monday, September 30th....[More]

CATA Seeks Funding to Design Bus Rapid Transit in Meridian Township

The Federal Transit Administration has approved CATA'S request to seek project development funding f...[More]

CATA's Clean Commute Options Program and 5K Aims to Improve Air Quality

Riding a CATA bus can reduce the size of your carbon footprint, and increase the amount of money in ...[More]

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