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Human Relations Ordinance Gets Adopted

At the Township Board meeting on Thursday, Nov. 7, the Human Relations Ordinance was adopted. Mer...[More]

Human Relations Ordinance in Meridian Township

Both Meridian Township and City of East Lansing pass ordinances regarding human relations. According...[More]

Proposed Medical Marihuana Ordinance

At the last meeting, the Township Board addressed a few items regarding the Medical Marihuana Ordina...[More]

Meridian Township Passes Human Relations Ordinance

At the Oct. 15 Township Board meeting the Chapter 30, Article II of the Human Relations Ordinance wa...[More]

Burning Ordinance Reminder in Meridian

A reminder to all Meridian Township residents that burning leaves or brush of any kind is not allowe...[More]

Meridian Township Human Relations Ordinance Draft

At the July 23rd Township Board meeting Chapter 30, Article 2 of the Fair Housing Ordinance final ad...[More]

Meridian Township Board Adds Protections for LGBT Community in Fair Housing Ordinance

At its last meeting, the Meridian Township Board amended its Fair Housing Ordinance to prohibit disc...[More]

Lack of Fireworks Ordinance Upsets Residents

Some residents were upset during the 4th of July weekend when fireworks were being set off into the ...[More]

Human Relations Ordinance Proposed Changes

During the past Meridian Township Board meeting, Trustees discussed changing the Human Relations Ord...[More]

Human Relation Ordinance Introduced in Meridian Township

The Township Board has introduced an ordinance that would protect residents from being discriminated...[More]

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