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Motorcycle Accident on Park Drive

Brandon Cohn has been riding motorcycles for 9 years and over 30,000 miles. It was normal for Coh...[More]

Meridian Township Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive

Meridian Township recently hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive in the Town Hall Room. Griffin Grah...[More]

CarFit Helps Older Drivers Operate Vehicles Safely

A CarFit Program was held at the Meridian Senior Center on Tuesday June 14th. CarFit is a program th...[More]

Distracted Drivers Hit The Road Every Day, Even In Meridian Township

From texting and driving to even just using smart phones in general, it's very easy for drivers to l...[More]

Flashing Beacons Were Recently Installed To Improve Safety on Kinawa Drive

A new safety feature has been added at the crosswalk near the Chippewa Middle School on Kinawa Drive...[More]

Water Drive Being Held for Flint Residents

Since the headline broke that high levels of lead were found in the city of Flint’s water supply, fa...[More]

New and Safe Crosswalk at Kinawa Drive is Almost Ready

A new crossing path with a new beacon is almost ready to operate for the students walking across Kin...[More]

Meridian Township will be Hosting the Drive-Thru Santa Event at the Meridian Township Service Center!

This event takes place on Saturday, December 19th from 5pm to 8pm. This award winning program provid...[More]

Meridian Township Board Supported the Abandonment of Forsberg Drive Located at Ponderosa Estate

The Ingham County Road Department has received a petition to abandon a public road known as Forsberg...[More]

Red Cross Will Be Hosting Blood Drive in Meridian Township

Donating blood is simple, safe, and painless! The American Red Cross will be hosting a blood driv...[More]

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