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Safety Tips for Crime Prevention Awareness Month

It is October, or as some call it, Crime Prevention Awareness month. It's just a way to remind p...[More]

Saving Lives through Severe Weather Awareness

Winter blizzards and extreme chills may be gone, but potential storms may cause severe damage in Mic...[More]

Human Trafficking Day Promotes Awareness

Activists and concerned citizens gathered in Lansing recently to talk about the issue of human traff...[More]

Stormwater Awareness

What should you know about storm water awareness?...[More]

Stalking Awareness Month

January is National Stalking Awareness Month. It's an opportunity to get out in the community to edu...[More]

Bringing National Awareness to Local Programming

Communications Director Deborah Guthrie is making sure the voices of local public, educational and g...[More]

Parkinsons Awareness Month

Catching Parkinson's early could mean slowing it's progression. April is Parkinson's Awareness month...[More]

Deer Awareness

Watch out for Deer in Meridian Township. Drive safe and keep on the look out. ...[More]

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