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Meridian Central Fire Station Back on Track

Due to bad weather in Meridian Township, some of the construction work on the Central Fire Station w...[More]

Fire Station Construction Still Behind Schedule

The new Central Fire Station in Meridian Township is set to be done an open by December 15, 2015, bu...[More]

New Fire Station Goes Vertical

The new Central Fire Station, which is being built on the corner of Central Park Drive and Okemos Ro...[More]

Kroger Gas Station Construction Expected to Begin this Summer

The Okemos Kroger located at 4884 Marsh Road will have a new gas station by spring 2016. Ground is e...[More]

Tower Gardens Lift Station Receives Updates

The Tower Gardens Lift Station is getting a much needed update, according to Meridian Township's Chi...[More]

Restaurant and Apartment Complex Could Occupy Site of Former Central Fire Station

At the June 2nd Township Board meeting, the selected proposal to redevelop "The Marc" and former Cen...[More]

Rain Delays for New Fire Station

For those that have driven on Central Park Drive and Okemos Road recently, probably noticed the cons...[More]

Michigan Supreme Court Denies Autumn Park Condominium Appeal Against Meridian Township Fire Station

On May 28th, the Michigan Supreme Court released an order saying the highest court will not review t...[More]

Planning Commission Allows for Kroger Gas Station

On April 27th, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to allow for a special permit to put a gas ...[More]

Progress is Being Made on New Central Fire Station Construction

Construction on the corner of Okemos Road and Central Park Drive on the new Central Fire Station in ...[More]

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