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The McCurdy Family's Goat to Have Their Goats

Local resident Mike McCurdy recently filed to rezone his property on Okemos Road to rural residentia...[More]

Find Out How To Keep Your Family Safe The Next Time You Grill

The first thing that comes to mind when taking grill safety into consideration, may not be grill cle...[More]

Forsberg Family Will Be Constructing A New Hot Spot For The Communtiy

The Forsberg family plans to rezone about 40 acres north of Jolly Road on Kansas Street from profess...[More]

Okemos Family Keeps Son's Memory Alive with Scholarships

In a matter of seconds, life can change. And change it did — in 2009 for an Okemos family of four. ...[More]

Meridian Township Family Struggles Due To Lack of High-Speed Internet

Remember that pesky dial-up noise from the past? Well it's a sound that's all too familiar to Way...[More]

A Multi-Family Community is Being Proposed in Meridian Township Called Okemos Pointe

T.A. Forsberg Incorporated has proposed a plan to turn their old construction yard into a mixed use ...[More]

Family Winter Sports Weekends; Meridian Township Encourages Outdoor Activities This Season

On beautiful clear weekends, many families chose to experience outdoor adventures. The Harris Na...[More]

Julie Powers Promotes Environmental Friendly Houses

On Feb. 4, the Meridian Township Environmental Commission heard a Green Themes Presentation from Jul...[More]

Music In The Park - A Fun Night For The Whole Family

For residents looking to add a little bit of culture to their summer nights, Music in the Park is th...[More]

While Your Family is Away, Keep the Danger at Bay

Thinking of going away on a long vacation, but concerned about the safety of your home? The Meridian...[More]

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