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Cyber Monday Online Shopping Safety

With Cyber Monday happening online, including intriguing holiday shopping deals, it can be easy to g...[More]

Online Shopping and Scam Prevention

Don't fall for an online shopping scam. Here's what you can do to avoid becoming a victim: -Fil...[More]

Meridian Township Police Encourages Shoppers to Stay Safe Black Friday Shopping

The holiday season is right around the corner and some residents are preparing for Black Friday. ...[More]

Further action is being taken on Carriage Hill Shopping Center project

Plans to renovate a Meridian Township shopping center were presented at Tuesday's Township Board mee...[More]

Township Board Agrees to Help Fund Shopping Center Project

At the April 15th meeting, the Township Board voted unanimously to give $1,500 to help fund the rede...[More]

Ideas Proposed to Revitalize Carriage Hills Shopping Center

A Michigan State University landscape architecture class is designing 14 proposals from scratch for ...[More]

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us. As you prepare to celebrate, the Meridian Township Police Department ...[More]

Handicapped Parking: Don't Leave Shopping Carts In A Handicap Parking Space

Someone left a shopping cart in a handicap space. This could prove difficult for Jim to get out of h...[More]

Black Friday Holiday Shopping

Stores and shoppers are preparing for the annual shopping spree known as Black Friday. ...[More]

International Student Shopping Tour

Students got to go on a field trip around the area before starting school in a new country. ...[More]

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