The Year of the Roads

The Year of the Roads

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Potholes might as well be the state symbol.

For those in Meridian Township and all over the state, there is light at the end of the tunnel...probably filled with potholes.

Road maintenance and repairs is on the list of the 2018 Township goals, so expect to have a smoother ride come fall.

After nearly 20 years of lacking road revenue, the state increased the cost of vehicle registration and fuel taxes last year.

Bill Conklin, Ingham County Road Department Managing Director said that, so far, has created $600 million for the state.

"Three million dollars for Ingham County that we're using throughout the county and in Meridian Township," he said.

On top of that money, the Township has a little over a million dollars to spend on local roads, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering, Derek Perry, said.

That consists of $550,000 from the general fund and $400,000 from the millage every resident pays.

"Ingham County contributes about $115,000," he said.

Over 9 miles of states roads will be worked on this year. Usually 4.5 miles of local roads are worked on also, but they have yet to be determined.

Along with the $3 million the county is getting from the state as well as over one million budget, the Township will also be getting money from the new legislation Governor Rick Snyder passed.

"$175 million statewide of which $1.3 million is coming to Ingham County," Conklin said.

The weather in Michigan causes this problem.

"We tend to have more freeze/thaw cycles which reck havoc on our roads. Particularly, as you can see on Hagadorn this year," Conklin said.

All roads are given a rating from one to ten with ten being the best.

"We say the ones, twos, and threes are going to be our first priority," Perry said.

From there, they look at which roads have ranked the worst and need the to be worked on as soon as possible.

The Jolly/Okemos intersection, parts of Hagadorn Road and Haslett Road are on the list for construction.

All the projects are set to begin soon in the coming weeks and be finished by Labor Day for the return of students.

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