Local Detectives Receive Hands on Homicide Training in Lansing

Local Detectives Receive Hands on Homicide Training in Lansing

LANSING - Michigan State Police and Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice Hosted a yearly homicide training for new detectives and investigators.

The week-long session consist of 30 students made up of 21 different Police Departments within the State of Michigan.

Six real world homicide scenarios were put in place for them to investigate and solve as they collected evidence and met with prosecutors.

With enough information prosecutors should have been able to retrieve arrest and search warrants by the end of the day.

Detective Sergeant of Meridian Township found the training to be very interesting because they learned the importance of working with different departments and agencies.

"Every department does something a little bit different so we're learning by doing just that and having to work with someone from a different agency,"� said Chris Lofton Detective Sergeant of Meridian Township.

The process is large for detectives dealing with a crime scene therefore the homicide scene preservation and investigation training ensures that law enforcement get the knowledge and hands on experience they need to excel in the real world.

"They can make any mistake they want, and this is the time and place to make mistakes,"� said Detective Sergeant Fabian Suarez of Niles Police Department.

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