Michigan See's Road Funding Increases for 2017

Michigan See's Road Funding Increases for 2017

LANSING - A $1.2 billion road package was signed by Governor Rick Snyder last year. The first $600 million of this package will come fuel tax which is up from 19 cents to over 26 cents, and the increased vehicle registration fees.

The second $600 million will have to be appropriated from Michigan's general fund by the legislature for 2019 and 2020. The second half of this road funding package is not guaranteed.

While Ingham County will see their road funding dollars increase this year, most of that money will only restore money that has been lost in the past.

"This first year being only twenty-five percent of so of the ultimately planned road funding increase really only restores some of that lost purchasing power and returns us to the level of maintenance we working doing a half dozen years ago," said Bill Conklin, Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department.

Meridian Township typically focuses on local roads such as those in neighborhoods when deciding which roads to fix. Roads that have not seen maintenance in a while are the first priority.

"Some of our subdivisions haven't any significant road work in over 25 years so those roads, and those that haven't had that work become our priorities," said Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering for Meridian Township.

Most of the funding for Meridian Township comes from the road funding millage while a small portion comes from the county, and then another small portion comes from the Township's general fund.


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