Green Theme Presentation on Sustainable Pavement

Green Theme Presentation on Sustainable Pavement

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Wednesday February 6, The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director, Karim Chatti, discussed his Green Theme presentation on highway pavement preservation at the Meridian Township Environmental Commission Meeting.

The presentation addressed how a good highway system is a critical component of a healthy economy.

Pavement preservation is more than just a collection set of treatments. It is a long-term way of thinking, planning and preserving roads and budgets.
No matter what material road pavement is constructed with, environmental elements will contribute to its deterioration over time. Director Karim Chatti stated that pavement preservation treatments can help slow the structural decline.

“A key to maximizing pavement life is applying the right treatment on the right surface at the right time”, said Chatti. "When the correct treatment is applied with quality materials and construction, it extends the life of pavements with less costly repairs and smoother, safer roads."

Chatti identified preservation policies and strategies that provided cost-effective alternatives for extending the period for pavements and reducing the need for frequent or unplanned reconstruction.

Chatti said, “The idea is to act during the initial deterioration…during the first few years, not to wait until visible deterioration.”

Timely preservation treatments will extend a road's service life and significantly reduce budget demands now and in the future.

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