Northwind Drive Development Before Meridian Township Planning Commission

Northwind Drive Development Before Meridian Township Planning Commission

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Planning Commission cast an advisory vote January 14, for the Northwind Drive Development. The Development was first introduced to the commission in June, 2018, and requires rezoning to mixed use buildings and a special permit for a development larger than 25,000 square feet.

Currently, the property has run-down office buildings. The development would build a new, three-story building in almost the exact same footprint as the previous buildings.

However, due to the proximity of Grand River, the property is already in the floodplain. While the Zoning Board already approved a variance for building in a floodway, the planning commission had issues with it.

John Scott-Craig, Planning Commission Chair, said that "In this case, lots of cars will be sitting in the floodplain every night. And I just think it's a public safety issue."

The Planning Commission's Advisory vote was 4 to 2, with a majority voting no to the proposed development. That vote will be given to the Township Board, who will ultimately decide the outcome of the development.

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