Winter Travel Safety Tips

Winter Travel Safety Tips

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As temperatures drop below freezing driving habits need to be adjusted, especially during increased holiday travel.

When roads are slick make sure to add extra travel time to your plans as patience goes a long way when traversing icy roads.

Lt. Rick Grillo of the Meridian Township Police Department wanted to pass along a couple reminders.

"Understand that your stopping distance is going to be alot greater when the roads are slippery than when the roads are clear."

Lt. Grillo emphasized the responsibility of the driver to have a clear line of sight when there is snow on their car.

"If you can't see your just asking for trouble. If you can, put snow tires on your vehicle. I highly recommend that. It will make all the difference in the world."

For four wheel drive automobile owners keep in mind that the increase in power to tires doesn't help breaking.

"You still need to make sure you have at least three times the normal stopping distance when roads are slippery."

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