Unofficial 2018 General Election Results for Contested Local Races

Unofficial 2018 General Election Results for Contested Local Races

INGHAM COUNTY - Here are the unofficial results contested races in Meridian Township, Ingham County and the State of Michigan from the November 6th General Election:

Governor & Lieutenant Governor
(R) Bill Schuette & Lisa Posthumus Lyons 41.27%
(D) Gretchen Whitmer & Garlin D. Gilchrist II 58.53%
(TX) Bill Gelineau & Angelique Chaiser Thomas 58.53%
(GR) Jennifer V. Kurland &Charin H. Davenport 58.53%
(NL) Keith Butkovich & Raymond Warner 58.53%

Secretary of State
(R) Xavier Durand-Hollis 35.18%
(D) Incumbent Teri Banas 64.60%
(LB) Gregory Scott Stempfle 58.53%
(TX) Robert Gale 58.53%

Attorney General
(R) Tom Leonard 39.33%
(D) Dana Nessel 60.51%
(LB) Lisa Lane Gioia 60.51%
(TX) Gerald T. Van Sickle 60.51%
(NF) Chris Graveline 60.51%

United States Senator
(R) John James 34.19%
(D) Debbie Stabenow 65.61%
(TX) George E. Huffman 65.61%
(GR) Marcia Squier 65.61%
(NL) John Howard Wilhelm 65.61%
Representative in Congress – 8th District
(R) Mike Bishop (Incumbent) 30.85%
(D) Elissa Slotkin 66.61%
(LB) Brian Ellison 1.81%
(TX) David J. Lillis .73%

State Senator – 23rd District
(R) Andrea Pollock 32.01%
(D) Curtis Hertel Jr. (Incumbent) 67.99%

Representative in State Legislature – 69th District
(R) George Nastas 28.74%
(D) Julie Brixie 71.26%

State Board of Education
(R) Tami Carlone 20.52%
(R) Richard Zeile (Incumbent) 18.40%
(D) Judith P. Pritchett 26.10%
(D) Tiffany Tiley 24.55%
(LB) Scotty Boman 2.60%
(LB) John J. Tatar 1.86%
(TX) Karen Adams 1.26%
(TX) Douglas Levesque .43%
(GR) Sherry A. Wells 1.04%
(WC) Mary Anne Hering 2.14%
(WC) Logan R. Smith 1.10%

Ingham County Commissioner – 11th District
(R) Aaron Clark Beauchine 32.27%
(D) Emily Stivers 67.73%

Ingham County Commissioner – 12th District
(D) Mark Polsdofer 70.33%

Justice of Supreme Court
(Nonpartisan) Samuel Bagenstos 13.74%
(Nonpartisan) Megan Kathleen Cavanagh 27.43%
(Nonpartisan) Elizabeth T. Clement (Incumbent) 30%
(Nonpartisan) Doug Dern 2.93%
(Nonpartisan) Kerry Lee Morgan 5.77%
(Nonpartisan) Kurtis T. Wilder (Incumbent) 20.18%

Judge of District Court – 54A District
(Nonpartisan) Ayanna Neal 43.72%
(Nonpartisan) Cynthia Ward 56.28%

MSU Board of Trustees
(R) Dave Dutch 15.37%
(R) Mike Miller 16.08%
(D) Brianna T. Scott 32.61%
(D) Kelly Charron Tebay 29.20%
(LB) Bruce Campbell 1.86%
(LB) Tim Orzechowski 1.14%
(TX) Janet M. Sanger 1.22%
(TX) John Paul Sanger .71%
(GR) Aaron Mariasy .96%
(NL) Bridgette R. Abraham-Guzman .86%

Lansing Community College Trustees
(Nonpartisan) Lawrence Hidalgo Jr. (Incumbent) 30.51%
(Nonpartisan) Shaquila Myers 26.16%
(Nonpartisan) Samantha Wilbur 43.33%

Okemos School Board – 4 Year Term
(Nonpartisan) Dean Bolton (Incumbent) 16.63%
(Nonpartisan) Vincent A. Lyon-Callo (Incumbent) 11.80%
(Nonpartisan) Adam Candeub 10.34%
(Nonpartisan) Mary Gebara 20.65%
(Nonpartisan) Michael Kieliszewski 10.13%

Okemos School Board – Partial Term Expiring 12/31/2020
(Nonpartisan) Don Romain
(Nonpartisan) Katie Cavanaugh

State Proposal 1: Legalizing Marijuana
66.65% Yes
33.35% No

State Proposal 2: Redistricting Commission
73.06% Yes
26.94% No

State Proposal 3: Allow Automatic Election Day Registration
76.58% Yes
23.42% No

NOTE: The results listed above are from 1:55 am 11/7/18. For all unofficial final election results visit the Ingham County Clerk's Office website at

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