Township Board Approves Increase Farmers' Market Funding

Township Board Approves Increase Farmers' Market Funding

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Prior to the September 18th Township Board meeting, Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh informed the Board that there will be one significant budget change that is not in the current draft.

Before the Board approves the 2019 Budget Resolution they will decide whether or not to increase the amount of money two fold from $200,000 to $400,000 for the construction of a new Farmers' Market.

The increase comes with one stipulation; that the new Market must be completed by December 31, 2019 should the Board approve the increase.

Rapidly increasing popularity of the Farmers' Market is the driving force for the sudden increase in funding with lack of parking at the current location being the most pressing issue.

During the brief discussion on the increase Walsh stated, "There's a lot of special funding in this project [budget] including roads, and Farmers' Market, and emergency sirens, lots of good things for the community. It would take the fund balance down to a point that is still higher than the board recommended amount."

Current plans have the Market moving across Central Park Drive to the Meridian Mall where vacant space would be retrofitted for new use by the Farmers' Market.

If approved by the Board, the fund balance will be $5,305,343.

The Board approved this change as well as the 2019 Recommended Budget 7-0.

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