Residents Experience Civil War Era

Residents Experience Civil War Era

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This past weekend the Friends of Historic Meridian hosted their Blue and Grey event to highlight the historical 19th century activities during the Civil War.

The event which took place at the Meridian Historical Village allowed visitors to witness what it was like during the Civil War. Guyler Turner of the 102nd Regiment U.S. Colored Troops explained what he hopes to share with those watching.

"What I would like to share are the untold stories of African Americans that participated during the Civil War. That's a little know fact a lot of people think African Americans in the Civil War were just slaves or abolitionist, but also there was 180,000 men that fought in the Union Army and United States Navy."

During the two-day event there was also a battle battle reenactment with 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Co. B and 102nd Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.

Children had the opportunity join in with the troops marching and learned how to hold wooden rifles.

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