Township Board Takes Action on Farmers' Market Relocation Plan

Township Board Takes Action on Farmers' Market Relocation Plan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the August 9th Township Board meeting action was taken to move forward with the Farmers' Market Relocation master plan. The Board approved the plan with a 7-0 vote. Treasurer, Julie Brixie said, "I feel that it is something that is a really positive step for Meridian Township. It's a win win for both Meridian Township and Meridian Mall, and I'm very grateful for their willingness to allow us to basically get one of their remaining parcels for free for the opportunity for us to move the Farmers Market over there. I think it's going to be a really exciting project."

The Park Commission completed a master plan of Central Park in 2014 that outlined park development and renovation activity for the future. The Commission plans to move the current Market to Meridian Mall.

The benefits of relocating Farmers Market to Meridian Mall property assures that it remains centrally located, provides plenty of parking, and bring more traffic to the mall area.

The relocation for Farmers Market was brought up at the Township Board meeting on July 24th. Since then, there has been continued discussions on how to best accommodate this action. Now, it has resulted in a proposal of a land trade.

The Township would receive would receive 2.5 acres along Central Park Drive alongside to Studio C, and the Mall would receive 4 acres directly to the west of the Mall. The 4 acres will keep the Mall consistent with the Commercial Planned Unit Development approved by the Township Board.

Multiple steps will be required that include a boundary survey for the 4 acre parcel, an agreement for the transfer of the parcels, amendment to the Meridian Mall's Commercial Planned Unit Development to remove the Farmer’s Market parcel and to add the 4 acre parcel and a land division for splitting the existing parcels.

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