On the Campaign Trail: Teri Banas 69th State Rep. Candidate (D)

On the Campaign Trail: Teri Banas 69th State Rep. Candidate (D)

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Teri Banas, Democratic Candidate for 69th District State Representative, has been hard at work on the campaign trail since last year.

From going door to door to meet new people, along with going to parades, festivals, and reaching out to people on social media, Teri Banas has been on the go every day since deciding to run for the house seat.

Along with all of the hard work that's been put in day after day, Banas enjoys the conversations she's been able to have with people around the area.

"For me its hearing all of these important stories, that, it's like a patch work quilt of our society, and it's all happening day in and day out and talking to individuals at the doors, you're getting this big picture of what the big issues are in our state and what's really on the minds of citizens. And nothing is more important right now than understanding that," Banas explains.

As election day nears, Banas is thankful to have been able to experience running for office and is hopeful that her hard work on the campaign trail has paid off.

"I just want to thank everyone who, whose allowed me to meet with them at the doors, at public events," Banas says. "I just want to thank people for the opportunity to learn from them and to talk to them and its really been a very great experience."

Election day is Tuesday, August 7th. If you are interested in learning more about Teri Banas, you can visit her website at www.teribanasmi.com.

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