Meridian's New Police Chief Swearing-In Ceremony

Meridian's New Police Chief Swearing-In Ceremony

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township's new Police Chief, Ken Plaga was officially sworn-in at a ceremony held on July 26, 2018.

Meridian Township Board unanimously approved Ken Plaga as the new police chief at the Board meeting held on July 24, 2018.

On July 26, Ken Plaga's swearing-in ceremony was held at the Township Hall.

Citizens, guest speakers and the search committee attended the ceremony to congratulate Chief Plaga's new role.

Frank Walsh, the Meridian Township's manager, said "this was an exhausted search and we found the right person."

"We found that person based on trusts, energy and vision for this department," said Walsh.

Ken Plaga was selected from 31 applications before narrowing down to three finalists.

Ronald Styka, the Township's supervisor, said "I'm behalf of the Township Board. He is an outstanding police officer."

"We are looking forward to his succeeding," Styka said.

Before taking this new role as a police chief, Ken Plaga has already had 23 years of experience policing.

He also looks forward to bringing these experiences to this new position.

Ken Plaga, the Chief of the Meridian Township Police Department, said "the first thing I'm going to do is going to set up appointments with all of the staffs and officers with the police department."

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