Meridian Township Police Enforce Zero Tolerance for Off-Leash Dogs

Meridian Township Police Enforce Zero Tolerance for Off-Leash Dogs

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township Police have announced they will be upping patrols and taking enforcement actions for dogs found off their leash at Township parks.

After receiving several complaints, The Meridian Township Police Department and Parks and Recreation Department are working together to enforce ordinances regarding dogs on Township property.

The Township wants to ensure everyone has a safe and have a fun time while visiting Meridian Township parks.

"People are afraid of dogs, some dogs lose control and make other people who are at the park nervous or uncomfortable and we want to have a safe experiences at the parks," Assistant Police Chief, Ken Plaga said regarding the new enforcement.

Anyone who is in violation of the Meridian Township Code of Ordinances will be required to pay a civil fine of $75 as well as any other additional cost the court may add.

Within the guidelines of the ordinances, dogs must be on a leash of six feet or less, individuals must pick up after their dogs on Township property and dogs are not allowed inside of public buildings.

Additional Resources

To report any unleashed dogs, please go to


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