Construction Continues at the Okemos Road and Jolly Road Intersection

Construction Continues at the Okemos Road and Jolly Road Intersection

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Construction is still going on at the Okemos Road and Jolly Road intersection. The construction has been in effect since April, and traffic has increased heavily.

The purpose of the construction is to replace the old aging drains with new ones, and to widen both roads. By doing so they will be removing trees, widening embankments, and relocating ditches and slopes outwardly.

Even though construction is currently going on, Daniel Troia, Project Engineer and Design Engineer from the Ingham County Road Department, says that they are a little behind schedule due to the weather. He hopes that if the weather permits they will be able to catch up, and be able to finish by the scheduled completion date.

Troia was also able to share an update about the traffic increase in the area. "I would say traffic has impacted quite a bit early on we did some informal counting, and a lot of people have taken alternate routes. So, the traffic through the intersections is a lot less than normal. Although, the traffic that is here, it does flow pretty good as long as people obey the posted detours, and don't try to turn left."

Next week, on Friday June 8th traffic is scheduled be flipped onto the new side of the road as early as 7am if weather permits. However, Jolly Road will remain closed.

Construction will continue throughout the rest of the summer, but the scheduled completion date is September 3, 2018.

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