Captain of Meridian Township Police Department Retires After 26 Years

Captain of Meridian Township Police Department Retires After 26 Years

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On May 31, 2018 a retirement celebration was held for Greg Frenger from the Meridian Township Police Department. He served on the force for 26 years. He had the opportunity to work in many different positions, but he retired as a Captain, his most recent position.

The celebration took place Meridian Township Municipal Building in the Town Hall Room where friends, family, co-workers, and residents of the community shared their warm messages to Greg and he even received some going away gifts.

From the Police Department he received a plaque, a retirement badge and a very heartfelt message from the department over the intercom speaker. The message left Captain Frenger emotional.

Meridian Township's Township Manager Frank Walsh, Communications Director Deborah Guthrie, Treasurer Julie Brixie and Police Chief Dave Halwere just a few who shared their experiences with Captain Frenger.

"We really enjoyed you at HOMTV, thank you for working with our interns. They really loved when they had the opportunity to interview you," said Guthrie.

"He's helpful, he works hard, makes good decisions, gives good advice. It's hard to see someone like that go, but it's great I'm happy for him," said Chief Hall.

Captain Greg Frenger will now be pursuing his career with the Michigan State Police Department.

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