Tapping Into Solar Energy

Tapping Into Solar Energy

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Solarizing Meridian has been an on-going project in Meridian Township to implement more solar panels in the Township.

On Saturday, April 28, a presentation of solar panels called, "Let's Catch The Sun" was hosted at the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

Different speakers from the communities' different green teams spoke about their efforts to Solarize Meridian.

Michigan State University student Sam Berndt was awarded a check to fund his project of implementing solar panels on the David Bowie Memorial Cooperative House;, just one out of 15 co-op houses on MSUs Campus.

Bio Chemistry Professor at MSU, David Arnosti, spoke at the event and how he helped install solar panels on the Haslett Community Church.

Arnosti wants to influence others to look into solar panels.

Arnosti said, “Groups can come together to work on an important problem that affects all of us, whether it's on a big scale like the university and their 11 megawatt installation, or a small scale like our church's 20 kilowatt installation that will produce two-thirds of our total electricity. These kind of initiatives can have an impact and it is critical people in everyday life understand and think about how they could support and move to a renewable energy economy.”

Many solar installers have expressed interest in helping solarize Meridian and can install a solar electric system for $3 a watt or less.

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