Child Abuse Prevention Month Rally

Child Abuse Prevention Month Rally

LANSING - In recognition of April being Child Abuse Prevention Month, a rally was held at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, April 25th

Michael Foley, Executive Director of The Michigan Children's Trust Fund, stated that the purpose of the rally was "to do two things, to acknowledge abuse and neglect, but also to celebrate all of the amazing work that's going to support children and families."

Speakers included members of the Michigan Children's Trust Fund, performances from the Lansing Community College and Pleasant View Middle School choirs, and State of Michigan public officials, including Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, "I personally have contributed and been to events for SmallTalk, which is a great organization that assists children to be able to testify and to talk about the abuse to make sure that it doesn't happen again. We have got to get away from the mindset that it's just strangers that are dangerous to our children, we talk about the 'stranger danger,' but we have to talk about family, and friends, and others that kids are close to, and the risks that are involved there. We don't always have that conversation."

The event helped to promote ways that residents can get involved and help raise awareness to child abuse. Foley suggests "One of things that i always like to say for people that might be interested in becoming involved is to contact your local child abuse and neglect counsel," or visit ", people can go to that website and find a listing of all the counsels throughout the state on Michigan and make contact with them."

To finish the event, guests and speakers alike planted a garden of blue pinwheels in the traffic circle on the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Washington Square. "The pinwheel has really become a symbol of healthy, thriving kids, and it's just grown and grown over the years."

To get involved in helping prevent child abuse and neglect, contact your local child abuse counsel

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