Planning Commission Took a Straw Vote on Rezoning on Lake Lansing Road

Planning Commission Took a Straw Vote on Rezoning on Lake Lansing Road

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Planning Commission meeting on April 23, the commission discussed a request to rezone 1.12 acres at Lake Lansing Road from single-family medium density to multiple family.

Multiple residents spoke in opposition of this request, citing various concerns.

"It's going to be hard to attract buyers to that lot and houses on our street because of the multi-family zoning," one resident said. "We're concerned about the potential increase in traffic, increase in risk and the reduction of green space and more noise in general."

Another resident agreed, saying "If this is turned into a multi-family complex, this lot is never going to sell."

The property owner was not precise in how many units would be built on the land, saying that she would like to build five townhomes with a two-car garage at each, but that as many as 14 houses could occupy the land.

Principal Planner Peter Menser assured concerned residents and Board members that just because up to 14 units can occupy the land doesn't mean there will be 14 units.

"It's how many you can fit," Menser said. "Design of the site and the desires of the property owner are going to tell us what that yield is. It all depends on the building footprint, if they can provide open space and meet setbacks."

The commission took an unofficial vote and opposed the rezoning 5-4, with Vice Chair John Scott-Craig saying, "We'd like some more information, possibly from the applicant and from the staff and then I think we'll be able to reach a conclusion at our next meeting, but it's a tough call."

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