Meridian Township Gives an Inside Look at the Sewer System

Meridian Township Gives an Inside Look at the Sewer System

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township's sewer system is a complex system made up of two different parts: the storm drain system and the sanitary system.

The storm drain takes any storm runoff, like rain and snowmelt, directly to the lakes and rivers.

The sanitary system takes waste through pipes to a waste water treatment plant to be cleaned and then taken to lakes and rivers.

Gravity takes a part in getting waste from your house to the facility through what is called a lift station.

"I think a lot of times the infrastructures under ground so it's out of sight, out of mind," said Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager and Director of Public Works & Engineering.

There are 31 in the Township.

There are 190 miles of sanitary sewer main lines within the township, which need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent blockage.

The 4,000 manholes in Meridian Township allow access to those pipes.

To prevent blockage and damage, Perry says there are three things that should be flushed: #1, #2, and toilet paper.

Meridian Township doesn't own its own water treatment facility.

They share one with MSU and East Lansing.

"It's treated there and disinfected and softened and then it's sent out from the water treatment plant through a series of pipes, our water distribution system, throughout the township to various homes," Perry said.

The Township does not control the storm drain systems except for what's located on its properties, likes parks.

Instead, those are overseen by the Ingham County Road Department and Drain Commissioners Office.

All of this work is done by a crew of about 25 people in the Township.

"We exist for public health, safety and welfare and really water and sanitary sewer systems provide really the building blocks of a community," Perry said. "If you don't have good public health, its tough for a community to thrive.

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