Smallcakes Cupcakery Opens in Okemos

Smallcakes Cupcakery Opens in Okemos

OKEMOS - On Saturday, March 24, Okemos welcomed the newly opened Smallcakes cupcakery.

Located near the intersection of Okemos and Jolly Roads, the new bakery is sure to be a new favorite among the community.

Nathan Wycihowski, co-owner of the cupcakery, spoke about the history of the Smallcakes franchise, saying "It started out as a gentleman who opened three (locations) in Kansas City, and then he was on three seasons of Cupcake Wars, and then he actually grew some popularity within social media. Myself being a chef for the last twelve years around the Lansing area, i really liked the fact that he was a chef and that he allowed you to do whatever you wanted with the franchise, barring you don't disrespect their name, or do anything that's going to hurt who they are."

With 200 locations across the US, Okemos is now home to the first Smallcakes in Michigan, Wycihowski added that "All of our product is made in Jackson, for all of them, so we're actually the first in Michigan. We're the only one that's serving local sourced product."

The bakery takes pride in providing a unique experience to customers with every fresh batch of treats, setting themselves apart from other bakeries because the staff doesn't "do anything measured as far as portion control on the frostings, or how much of the different extracts we add to the bases or anything like that. The only thing that we really focus on recipe-wise is the cake itself. That way our bakers can have a little bit of freedom with inconsistencies in it because we don't want you to see that they're all 'cookie cutter' the exact same. And then another thing that's really cool about it is i built the bar, we did the painting, we were able to do what ever we wanted in here without there being a structured, corporate feel to it."

Smallcakes is now open, and will be hosting a grand opening event on April 28, so be sure to save the date and bring your appetite.

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