Lawmakers Discussing Bills That Could Increase MSU Student's Tuition

Lawmakers Discussing Bills That Could Increase MSU Student's Tuition

EAST LANSING - It’s been almost two months since Larry Nassar was sentenced up to 175 years in prison for sexual assault, and one Michigan State University student is pretty upset that things on campus has gone back to normal.

“I think that in the first week of the Nassar trial and sentencing it was pretty bleak on campus,” said Maddy Wheelock, who is a junior at Michigan State University. “Since then it has kind of gotten back to normal which ais kind of upsetting I think because I think not very much was done about it and I wish it would have been more done about it and I wish people were still angry about it as I am.”

But not only is campus normal again, but lawmakers are also discussing bill that could make it easier for sexual assault victims to file lawsuits.

MSU interim President, John Englar says that the bill could also drive up student’s tuition. Engler says the bills benefits out-of-state lawyers, and MSU students feel like they should not be punished for something they did not do.

“I think it’s ridiculous, the students have already gone through enough,” said Wheelock. “I think there is a lot of sexual assault survivors who have gone through enough, and just anyone on campus its the administration fault not our fault and we already pay enough tuition.”

Wheelock is a junior at MSU and she has one semester left. She says if tuition goes up it could affect her future plans for graduate school.

“I definitely will have less money for grad school, I hope to either go to law school or get a Master’s in social work,” Wheelock says. “If the tuition is raised I would have less money to pay for that and I would have to reevaluate what my future plans are.”

Wheelock thinks the increased tuition will make people not want to come to MSU.

“I think that people already have an incentive not to go here after what just happened, you know i’m not a parent, but if I was a parent I would be really worried about sending my kids here,” said Wheelock. “Especially because it’s so expensive, and because we now have a bad reputation and because I’ll be afraid to send especially to send daughter here, and yeah I think it’s totally a deterrent.”

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