Students Rally At Michigan Capitol

Students Rally At Michigan Capitol

LANSING - In correlation to statewide school walkouts protesting gun safety and regulation laws, a rally was held at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, March 14. Guests and speakers included local government officials, students, public school staff, and parents. All of which expressed concern over the current state of gun regulations, and it's future.

The rally was organized by fourteen-year-old student, Nash Salami, who also hosted the event. When asked about the process of putting the event together, Salami remembered that "It was a lot of hard work and late nights, texting with the other organizers and putting everything together, filling out the forms with the Capitol to reserve this area, and just spreading the word all over social media, it takes a lot yeah. There were a lot of times where I was like am I really doing this?"

The rally gave local students the opportunity to have their voices heard, and to let the country know that they have had enough. With mid-term elections coming in November of this year, the movement for safer schools continues.

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