Major Flooding Affects Meridian Township

Major Flooding Affects Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Over the weekend, roads and parks in Meridian Township were shut down due to flooding to help ensure safety for the residents. Meridian Township has experienced extreme flooding the past week due to excessive rain and melting snow.

"Do not try to go through the water, many people have ended up losing their lives, by being swept away. A small amount of water can actually, move your car off a road way, so stop, go around, and find another way," said Ken Phinney, Battalion Chief of the Meridian Township Fire Department.

It is never a good idea to drive through high amounts of water because it can injure you and your vehicle. The floods not only entered the roads but also residents homes as well.

Meridian Township has opened a Displacement Center over the weekend for to help residents who's homes might have been affected by the flood.

"The Displacement Center was designed as a proactive approach to ensure any residents that would be displayed out of any of their homes due to flooding, would have a place to come and be warm and to know they have shelter during the flood," said Bill Richardson Battalion Chief of the Meridian Township Fire Department.

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