Gun Violence Rally at The State Capitol

Gun Violence Rally at The State Capitol

LANSING, MI - "We really appreciate you being out here to talk about this extraordinary important issue," said Tim Greimel, Minority Leader of the Michigan House of Representatives.

In the midst of the Parkland Florida High School tragedy, civilians, students, and government officials gathered at the Michigan State Capitol to address the current state of gun safety laws, and discuss what course of action the country should be taking.

"We've been in this fight in this town for a long time, I'm the Minority Vice-Chair on the Jurisdictionary Committee, I've been leading the fight against these reckless policies, and with all of you on our side, all of you mobilizing right here in Michigan, and across the country, we're going to win this battle, we're going to stop these reckless policies from being advanced, and we're going to finally turn this country in a rational, reasonable direction that establishes common sense policies and safety protocols."

Students, parents, grandparents and other family voiced their concerns on how the situation has been handled thus far, and who they will be supporting in the 2018 Michigan elections.

"I have five grandchildren who go to public schools, and if this were to happen to one of them I would be devastated, and I am here to use my voice and my vote to make sure that doesn't happen. I've met candidates who believe in banning assault weapons and bump stocks and will use, like I said, my voice and my money to make sure that they get elected," said Rebecca Costie, rally attendee.

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