Haslett Robotics Club Gets Ready for Regional and State Competitions

Haslett Robotics Club Gets Ready for Regional and State Competitions

HASLETT - Haslett Robotics Club is consisted of kids from the Haslett district but adjoining areas as well. The robotics club has First Lego League Teams as well as VEX Robotics teams. First Lego League Teams are ages 9-14, elementary and middle school. Vex Robotics teams are ages 14-18 which is the high school range.

The purpose of Haslett Robotics Club is for early exposure robotics helps students compete with through Science, Engineering and Technology. Most students that compete in robotics club are often inspired to go off to college and pursue degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, etc.

Claus Buchholz, is head coach for the high school teams. Buchholz and three of his high school teams are attending the Michigan East Regionals this Saturday and hope to qualify for states.

Stephanie Boledovich is head coach for the all girl middle school team called the Gear Girls. The Gear Girls have already qualified for states and are attending them on March 4 in Charlotte.

Boledovich says her favorite part about being a coach is both students and coaches learning together, and hearing laughter as it all happens because they are having fun.

Boledovich said, "Fast forward to later in the season and you see parent coaches asking guiding questions, dynamic conversations to solve problems, students helping each other, light bulbs go on as new ideas are formed, mentor and veteran team members showing leadership, robots being driven down the hall and being cautious not to step on them."

As coaches it is their job to facilitate and coordinate and environment for learning robotics.

Both FLL and VEX teams have won prestigious awards as well as growing in size of teams over the past four years.

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