Outdoor Assembly Ordinance Amendment Discussed at Township Board Meeting

Outdoor Assembly Ordinance Amendment Discussed at Township Board Meeting

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Tuesday February 6th, the Meridian Township Board discussed many key topics and final adoptions. The board discussed approving the resolution for the final adoption of the Outdoor Assembly Ordinance; amendment Chapter 38, Article V. The amendment featured many different parts but one purpose was to address health, sanitation, fire, police, utility and other public services regularly provided for outdoor assemblies. The outdoor assembly events were listed as musical, rock and peace festivals. Trustee Kathy Ann Sundland had questions about the word choice of a peace festival.

Sundland said peace festival could be taken as a right to assemble and that the Board does not want to infringe on that constitutional right.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus made a motion too delete from under the definition of events, musical, rock and peace. Dreyfus said that they should change it to say, festivals, weddings, fairs or similar gatherings.

Dreyfus said, "It makes it nice and broad and that we are not touching anything that might be construed as politically infringing on the first amendment, "

The Board voted to approve that motion as well as the Outdoor Assembly Ordinance amendment itself.

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