Haslett-Okemos Rotary Club Raises $800 at Annual Hero Luncheon

Haslett-Okemos Rotary Club Raises $800 at Annual Hero Luncheon

OKEMOS - This afternoon the Haslett-Okemos Rotary Club hosted their annual "Hero Luncheon" fundraising event hosted at Gilbert and Blake's in Okemos.

Dan Wilkinson, member of the Haslett-Okemos Rotary Club, explains, that the "Hero Luncheon" serves as a way to spread the word about rotary and raise funds for Haslett and Okemos children. The money goes towards several scholarships, local and international service projects.

"I would say the hero is just the whole community coming together and, you know, raising money for a great cause," says Wilkinson.

2018 marks the 12th year the Rotary Club is hosting this event. The "Hero Luncheon" provides a way to interact with the people of the community.

"We got the wait staff here at Gilbert and Blake's, our rotary members work with the wait staff as well and they act as servers for the day, which is cool," Wilkinson elaborates.

The Rotary Club raised over $800 in tips alone.

"We just appreciate everybody coming up and having lunch here. We really appreciate the support," Wilkinson concludes.

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