Officials Address Larry Nassar Case During Governor's State of the State Address

Officials Address Larry Nassar Case During Governor's State of the State Address

LANSING, MICHIGAN - During his final State of the State Address, Governor Rick Snyder took a moment to address campus sexual assault. He spoke on First Lady Snyder's work with a group of bipartisan legislators working on programs to prevent sexual assault and to help support those who are the survivors of sexual assault.

He then moved on to the Larry Nassar case, stating, "I'd also add a special note tonight: let us also apply a similar commitment in the Nassar case, and reach out and support the survivors and ensure that cases like this, never happen again."

"Certainly this is something we need to be focused on," Speaker of the House, Tom Leonard said, "especially given what's happened at Michigan State. It has been an absolute atrocity."

Attorney General Bill Schuette spoke about his experiences in the Nassar courtroom after the State of the State address, "I was in the courtroom last week and seeing and hearing and witnessing and experiencing these young women and these are an example of profiles of courage and their leadership encouraged others to step forward."

Larry Nassar is a former Michigan State Faculty Member and former Sports Medicine Doctor with the MSU and USA gymnastics teams. He pled guilty to federal child pornography charges and was sentenced to sixty years in prison on December 7, 2017 for those charges. On November 22, Nassar entered a guilty plea to seven counts of sexual misconduct in Ingham County, as well as three counts of sexual misconduct in Eaton County.

In the Ingham County Circuit Court this week, a number of victims and their family members have come forward with statements, testifying and addressing Nassar directly before his sentencing. More than 150 victims have come forward. Sentencing is expected to take place on January 24th.

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