Haslett Company Looks to Replace Mongolian Grill Location with a Panera Bread

Haslett Company Looks to Replace Mongolian Grill Location with a Panera Bread

OKEMOS - With Mongolian Grill on Grand River Avenue closing unexpectedly, Haslett company, KEBS, Inc. would like to replace the vacant building with a Panera Bread.

During Monday’s Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, Jeff Kyes went over the layout of the property and to get some feedback from the Commissioners. Kyes talked to the Commission about the company’s proposed plans to reduce the size of the building, to add a drive-thru and to include different amenities within the development.

“Talking with Panera, every other week we have a conference call with them, we’ve gone back and forth on site plans,” said Kyes during Monday night’s meeting. “But the biggest amenity they’ll typically bring to this is public wifi. So the connection for the public to the wifi.”

The Commission and Kyes discussed future project plans for approximately 25 minutes. The biggest concern members had was the traffic that the drive-thru could bring to the Grand River intersection.

“As presented, this is a drive-thru with one exit on Grand River Avenue and I honestly think I can’t support that idea,” said Planning Commission Vice Chair John Scott-Craig. "This would be unique and it will be fondling all the traffic from the drive-through to Grand River directly and it’s quite close to the intersection.”

Kyes will present his request to the Township Board during their meeting on Jan. 23.

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