Saddleback BBQ Okemos Location Officially Open

Saddleback BBQ Okemos Location Officially Open

OKEMOS - A year of hard work and dedication has led to this moment, Saddleback BBQ Okemos location is officially open for business.

What first started in Reo Town Lansing has made its way to Meridian Township. Travis Stoliker co-owner of Saddleback BBQ says, "We won't forget about Reo Town our Downtown Lansing location that was our first and favorite location obviously, but it's great to open up in Okemos and extend the brand over here."

Community members are excited for some BBQ in Okemos, customer Craig Benham says, "Very, very excited to have some great BBQ out this way I don't really think there's really anything on this side of town as far as great BBQ, so I think Saddleback will be a great addition to Meridian Township and the Okemos area."

This grand opening had customers lined up outside of the doors for hours and for one customer even days.

Benham's friend Josh had been camping outside since Monday night making him the 1st customer. Josh was to be awarded six months of free BBQ. However, he had other plans in mind.

Josh kindly asked Saddleback BBQ to donate the money to Volunteers of America Michigan. The restaurant donated $750 and Josh contributed another $250 of his own money.

Not just a grand opening for Saddleback BBQ but a grand day for the restaurant and the people of Meridian Township.

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