Old Chicago Hosts Meridian Cares Benefit Night

Old Chicago Hosts Meridian Cares Benefit Night

OKEMOS - Meridian Cares hosted their 4th annual benefit night on November 3rd at Old Chicago. Proceeds from $5 wristband purchases and 20% of all food and drink purchases went to the Meridian Cares Emergency Need Fund. Their goal was to raise 10,000 dollars.

In Meridian Township 5,000 residents live under the poverty level. To members of the community it is important to help each other out.

Georgia Styka says, "I think it's important for anybody to help people in need and the fact that Meridian Township takes it upon themselves, so it really shows that the Township has their heart in the right place."

Styka and Donna Kregelka are both members of the Community Resource Commission. This commission is part of an entity to help people in Meridian Township. In order to help out the community funds must be raised.

Styka says the turn out was so great that this could be their best year yet for donations that will go to help people who need food, clothes, and other necessities.

The money raised from wristbands was $587 with proceeds still being calculated.

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