Board of Water and Light Hosts 22nd Chili Cook-off

Board of Water and Light Hosts 22nd Chili Cook-off

ADADO RIVERFRONT PARK, LANSING, MI - On September 29th, 2017 crowds lined up as a variety of vendors from local restaurants and businesses shared their chili creations at the 22nd Board of Water and Light Chili Cook-off with a total of 22 food tents. Chili options were even available for vegans and vegetarians. Vendors discussed that they came to help share connections with locals and the community.

"It's great to be part of the community just get out and do events like this in the community is something we enjoy doing. This is our fourth year at the chili cookoff and we've had a great time doing it." said George Wills, General Manager of La Senorita.

Jim Dravenstatt-Moceri, Assistant Business Manager, IBEW Local 352, was asked why his organization decided to be a part of the chili cookoff, "Part of the community donate our time and money for the event to bring the people out."

Music Mania was surely a rockin' theme. From vendor's booth designs showcasing records, guitars, Pink Floyd and hippy culture to the bands playing on stage.

The chili dog eating contest wooed the crowd, especially when one contestant finished the contest with a total count of nine dogs, breaking the current record.

Rain hit the event during the chili dog eating contest but, it was sure not to stop it. A rainbow soon appeared after and Life Support played on til the end of the event.

Doctor Michael Freund attended and near the end of the event had good things to say, "Oh it was good, it was very tasty, like different flavors." He also said, "Yeah, it was fun." when asked about the event in general.

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For more information on the BWL Chili Cookoff check out their website or their Facebook


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