The Township Board Discusses a Possible Water Main Extension

The Township Board Discusses a Possible Water Main Extension

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A water main extension proposal was discussed at the September 19 Township Board meeting. If approved by the board, the extension would affect Grand River from Wellington Drive to 600 feet east of Van Atta Road.

The total distance extended would be 1,600 feet and the estimated cost is set to be around $273,000.

With a petition signed by more than 89 percent of land owners in that area, there is a large amount of support for the water main extension.

"I believe the people of Michigan and of the United States are entitled to have clean water," said Ali Eamsaz, a strong supporter of the extension. "In order to improve the quality of life, we need to have clean water."

If the water main extension is granted, property owners will be responsible for the connection fees, which is estimated to be around $2,540 for each property. They will need to disconnect from the well and reconnect to the new system.

The board has not yet made a decision on the extension.

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