The City of Lansing Steps Up to Help Victims of Harvey

The City of Lansing Steps Up to Help Victims of Harvey

LANSING, MI - After the extreme damage Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas, the City of Lansing stepped up to help the victims of this storm.

The hurricane ripped its way through Texas, leaving many without a home.

After seeing the damage this storm left, the Lansing Mayor’s Office Manager, Renee Freeman felt it was necessary for the city to do what they could to help.

“I am a Christian and so I believe that we should share love and help people where it’s needed, our brothers and sisters. We need to give people a helping hand,” said Freeman.

The City of Lansing teamed up with the American Red Cross, Meijer, Dean Transportation and Michigan State University for the Lansing Strong For Texas Campaign.

“This community has been generous both with our own citizens and around the country. Whenever there’s a need, we step up, and as Americans do,” said Lansing Mayor, Virgil Bernero.

From monetary donations to canned foods and toiletries, local residents donated a variety of things for the victims of Harvey.

“That was a great success and just it shows the community’s support and how quickly we can mobilize if we leverage collaborative efforts,” said Kelly King, Executive Director for the Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Freeman says that the Lansing Fire Department is prepared and has an emergency plan in place if needed.

The mayor also reminds us to be prepared in our homes by buying extra cans of food and cases of water in case we face a disaster.

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