Three Key Goals for the 2018 Recommended Budget

Three Key Goals for the 2018 Recommended Budget

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The 2018 Recommended Budget was presented at the September 5 Township Board meeting. Township Manager Frank Walsh stressed three major goals: To eliminate the pension problem, with 100 percent funding in 10 years, to redevelop core commercial areas of Haslett, Carriage Hills and Okemos and fix local roads.

The board discussed the approval of the budget but it is not yet approved. However, if it is approved the General Fund will around $5,562761, which is more than what the Board had targeted. The General Fund is the money that goes towards operational costs in the township.

Walsh also discussed the accomplishments the township has made since 2013 with its budget. Some of the accomplishments mentioned were Okemos Road Pedestrian Bridge, new Fire Station, and the Kinawa Safety Project.

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