Madness at Okemos High School

Madness at Okemos High School

OKEMOS - Late in the evening of August 6th, the lights were turned on at Okemos High Schools football stadium. The football program looked to kick the season off right for the student athletes as they hosted their own rendition of "Midnight Madness" that night, like how Tom Izzo and his Spartans do each year.

The night was full of energy and excitement from start to finish as the team gave those in attendance a preview of what the season will entail. The event saw a large number of fans, students, family and alumni's in attendance to show their support for the players and program.

Things kicked off at 11:30pm with introductions of the players and coaching staff on the team. The nights events also gave recognition to the band members as they played a few pieces for the upcoming season, along with the cheerleaders.

Coach Wallace and Okemos High School Athletic Director, Ira Childress, put together the evenings events and hosted it as well. They were grateful and surprised to see all the members of the community in attendance to show their support for the program that night as they stayed through the rainy weather that hit late in the night.

As midnight struck the players dispersed across the field with their respected position coaches and ran through their plays and reps throughout the night. The players put on a showcase of their skills and best performance for the audience members throughout the night through no contact play.

The Chieftains take on the Mason Bulldogs at home on Thursday August 24th, at 12:00 PM to get their season started this year.

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