Walkability Easy for Everyone in Meridian Township

Walkability Easy for Everyone in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - The warm, enjoyable weather has brought many local residents outside this summer in Meridian Township. With the many attractions it offers like the Meridian Mall, local trails, and parks, the importance of having safe walking paths outside is a necessity.

“The concept of walkability is to provide safe ways for people to commute from points within the Township. It is at schools, parks, or major destinations, like the mall here and other facilities in Meridian Township” said Meridian Township Chief Engineer Younes Ishraidi.

Meridian Township is a pioneer with this idea within the area. The Township created a millage back in 1974 that funds pathways, which is essentially the key funding source for walkability in Meridian Township. The millage has been passed year after year and is still in place today, which is what has made walkability so successful in the area.

Ishraidi and other engineers within the Township have thought about how to make walkability accessible for everyone, and they have concluded to put in an audible sidewalk signal to be constructed within the next year. The ADA (American Disabilities Act) establishes guidelines on how to build sidewalks and pathways, and that is one aspect the Township uses for people with disabilities. There is only one in Meridian Township thus far, which is currently at the corner of Hagadorn and Lake Lansing Roads. The Township recently recommended an audible signal to be installed at the corner of Jolly and Okemos Roads as part of their improvement plans for the Ingham County Road Department in 2018.

There have been a great majority of positive comments and appreciation of the fact that there is a system like the one that is in the Township. Ishraidi proudly says that "Meridian Township has a great track record, providing walkable routes and basically always shooting for a goal to be a walkable community" and they are continuing to think of new ways to make the area better in the coming years.

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