Ingham County Adopts a Complete Streets Policy

Ingham County Adopts a Complete Streets Policy

INGHAM COUNTY - The Ingham Country Board of Commissioners met on July 25 to discuss the adoption of a Complete Streets Policy.

The policy established creates a higher quality of life, creating more transportation options for pedestrians of all abilities.

"So complete streets is a philosophy, Its suppose to consider all users who need to get to point A to point B," said Commissioner Ryan Sebolt, Chairperson of the Special Committee on Complete Streets.

There are several economical and safety outcomes in designing more complete streets, including reduction of traffic congestion and the decrease in fossil fuels.

"Economically, there are thousands of people across the state of Michigan who either don't have the means or the ability to transport themselves with a personal vehicle so complete streets creates additional transportations for those in need," said Sebolt.

This policy will provide an outline and framework for the Ingham County Road Department in regards to improving street and transportation networks. The infrastructure for complete streets will be of special importance near public facilities including schools, hospitals, parks, ect.


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