Biking to Your Destination? How Meridian Township Accommodates Commuters

Biking to Your Destination? How Meridian Township Accommodates Commuters

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Bike paths outline the Township, but what about when residents want to get off their bikes? Is there safe and secure bike parking within the community?

Senior Planner, Peter Menser says yes.

In 2010, Meridian Township implemented an ordinance requiring new developments a specific number of bike parking to each vehicle space.

"If someone was doing 20 motor vehicle spaces, we require two bicycle places," said Menser. "Everyone had bikes but they didn't have any good place to put them so they would end up tying them all over the place."

Specific complexes and businesses were not equipped with safe, secure parking which is why the township felt the need to adopt the ordinance seven years ago.

After MSU Junior, Sherwin Soroushian's car broke down, his bike was his only form of transportation.

"I mostly do errands but right now I'm actually gonna go all the way to Frandor, then go to the gym with my friends," said Soroushian.

"Were encouraging transportation via bike so now we want places for them actually have places to put them," said Menser. "It’ s to be on the cutting edge of options. We want to have the infrastructure in place so while maybe its not super popular to ride you bike around town now, that it will be."

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